Living for the Revel (catvalente) wrote,
Living for the Revel


I am wearing my Atari pajama pants today. October is out of her mind, chasing a feather like she wants to kill it dead. The sun is out and I'm almost done knitting a shawl and finishing a short story about Mars.

Posting has been sporadic because I have to turn off the nets while I work or else I won't work. But I have two book reviews--both mostly positive, even!--and other postage I hope to catch up on when my TIMEZ OFF (New Roman) starts on Monday.

For now, Palimpsest has trounced The Red Wolf Conspiracy in the BSC Tournament. Now, seanan_mcguire  and I had hoped to be up against each other in the final round, but instead we're head to head right now.

This is going to be tough. We have a lot of the same fans, and can both call out the internet brigade--no one I've been up against yet has a strong fandom. Not to mention Rosemary and Rue sold a looooot more books than I did. It's also kind of a bizarre matching since it's not remotely the same kind of book--but that's the point of a tournament. I suppose in some alien sense we're both urban fantasy...

Anyway, I could NOT have predicted that Boneshaker, The City and The City, Finch, and Windup Girl would all be out by now. These are the top contenders for best awesome in many other places. So if Palimpsest gets past this round, it stands an excellent shot at winning. (Remember, if you say why you liked the book, your vote counts double.)

Also Casimira knows where you live.

Why do I care? Well, everyone likes to be liked, and this is the closest thing to sports that I'll ever play.

Though damn, with the sun out, some atavistic American part of me wants to go throw a foot ball around out there.

Vote Palimpsest here. It has kept a room for you.

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