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c is for cat

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Letters from Proxima Thule

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Campbells. Mmm, mmm, good.
c is for cat
So, several of my friends are eligible for the Campbell award this year. This is for new writers in the first two years of publishing professionally. I would be thrilled for any of them to be on the ballot.

But I've never seen a writer come out of the gate like seanan_mcguire , with two multi-book series at once and more on the way. She's done as much on the scene as some writers do in their careers. I may not be a particularly loud champion of urban fantasy, and it's not a genre often recognized by the Hugo crowd, but you gotta stand up and recognize the sheer awesome of this girl.

So. She's eligible. Consider this my endorsement. Also she can sing and draw, as envinced by...

It's really not fair for one person to be so damn good.

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Honestly, I didn't think I had much of a chance - but when I saw she was in the running and in my year, I almost Tweeted about giving up - but thought it would sound like sour grapes.

But I think she is a shoo-in, honestly.

Me too. The only reason she might have trouble is bias against her genre. Ironic, that.

any chance of putting that behind a cut? it's forcing a sideways scroll on my friends page...

Pretty please to cut-tag the image. It's too wide for a lot of formats and messes with stuff.

That is the most fabulous award-eligibility announcement I've ever seen.

Let's not forget her short fiction, much of which is online and linked from here. She's amazing!

OMGs, Seanan SO should have a tiara!

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