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The jacket warmed slightly with bashfulness, and with hoping she’d be pleased.

So one of the amazing things that happened at ConFusion was that a certain jacket arrived at my hotel. You know I have such a thing for costumes. I wanted this to be a surprise for those who came to s00j  and stealthcello  and my final concert, and since I thought of the surprise so late, I was sure it was impossible.

Well. Never say impossible to the Mythpunk Army.

That is a very gentle-hearted green smoking jacket, made from scratch in just a few days by the astonishingly awesome cluegirl (who bears a startling resemblance to intelligentrix !). It was thick and luxurious and perfect. You might glimpse also a sparkling orange-jeweled brooch in the shape of a key as well, and that would be courtesy of the magical arianhwyvar .

This picture was snapped right before the concert as I lounged tiredly before the show--if the shot were wider, you could see that I had one shoe on, and one shoe off. It does not escape me that the pillows are orange.

Yes, Reader, I read from Fairyland and s00j  sang September's Rhyme and it was the first time we'd performed from that book together. Afterward courtcat 's daughter asked to make September ribbons for Penguicon, so look out!

It was wonderful. People laughed. I read it off my iPhone because I have no physical anything of this fairy-book. And it all came together thanks to some amazing talented women. Thank you, both. I'm so very grateful.

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