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c is for cat

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c is for cat
Last day for this.

I really think, honestly, that Valentine's Day needs a little better PR. And some better traditions. Maybe a new color. It's gotten so much flak now people feel ashamed for celebrating it, and that ain't right.

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Are you looking for more clicks? ;)

You have a very impressive number of Valentines. I thought about putting one of these widget things up on my blog, and then thought, no.

a little better PR

and not so much with the pink.

It's a great time for people who don't get valentines love to feel super left out, from what I hear.

[edit - which isn't to say I don't get none. Or that I feel left out.]

Edited at 2010-02-12 09:10 pm (UTC)

Ok, I posted about this last year and will re-post my thoughts, but people can not get Christmas or birthday cards too and feel left out, but they don't demand everyone else stop getting them. I've been left out in my life, too, and it sucks, but I don't demand the world keep quiet about love and a pretty awesome holiday on account of it.

Good point. I don't really think much of the holiday one way or the other, but I do hear a lot of the complaints about it. I dunno why V-Day gets such flack when other holidays people are left out of do.

I think it has a lot to do with the expectations surrounding the holiday, and the amount of self-worth attached to whether or not you have a significant other. There's a common attitude of, "Oh, you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife. You poor thing." I've never had anyone look at me with pity for not getting a birthday card, but they do when they find out I'm single. (I'm happily single, by the way.) Meanwhile, I think it's sweet when people are in *happy* relationships, so I support your right to celebrate your love any day you choose.

This! I'm no fan of red or pink. Give me a blue or green Valentines Day and I'll stop calling it VD Day, I promise!

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