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The Omikuji Anthology will come out on April 1st--I'm getting into wrangling all the details now.

Here, after much requesting, is a list of all the Omikuji stories, so that you can see if you missed any, and also call dibs for the anthology! (Please call said dibs in the comments. All art would need to reproduce well in black and white and be in by March 1st. Anyone who wants to do an audio recording of a story, dib that too, and if there are musicians, we could do an audiobook + soundtrack! It's all up to you guys--this is your project.)

We'll be starting the round-robin introduction soon over at omikuji_project .

The Glass Gear--art called by fireriven 
A Hole to China Pt.1
A Hole to China Pt. 2
A Hole to China Pt. 3
The Kunstkammer of Dr. Ampersand
How to Build a Ladder to the Sun in Six Easy Steps--audio called by triskelmoon, art called by dynix 
The Pine Witch Counts Her Knuckle Bones
The Legend of Good Women--art called by hokuton_punch 
That Which Lets the Light In--art and audio called by upstart_crow
A Postcard from the End of the World--art called by hoshikaze 
How to Raise a Minotaur--art called by thanate , audio still open
The Economy of Clouds
The Still
The Wedding
Reading Borges In Buenos Aires--art and audio called by caudelac 
The Folklore of Sleep--art called by sheistheweather, audio called by antongarou 
Oh, the Snow-Bound Earth, the Golden Moon!
Three Husbands Come to Gorokhovaya Street--audio called by greektoomey , art still open
The Opposite of Mary
Blue With Those Tears
The Consultant--audio called by shellefly , art still open

For information about the project in general, go here.
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