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Nebulas and iPads
tech failure
Today was a harder day in the page mines than yesterday, but I'm still going strong. Have actual hope of finished novel by deadline, which I really did not have on Monday.

Surfacing to say two things, since I need a break.

1: Re: the iPad. I did not look at my iPhone and say: if this thing didn't make calls or take pictures and were NINE TIMES BIGGER it would be perfect! Nor do I have no idea why anyone would call this a Kindle-killer, since it isn't e-ink, and I've been able to read e-books on my laptop complete with headache for some time. It certainly isn't going to OMG destroy publishing. I'm an Apple user, but I have utterly no need for this. And it occurred to me in a blinding flash today that I don't think any product advertised as a _______-killer has ever even come close to killing anything. Much like my cat.

2. If you are a SFWA member making your final Nebula selections, please do consider The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland for the Andre Norton award. It's making a pretty good showing right now, but just a few votes would make the difference. Thank you for thinking about it, whatever you choose.

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Jack, the Giant Killer.

He got his cred the hard way, though, and the crowing didn't start until AFTER the deed was done. Maybe the iPeed and the Droid should take note?

I don't believe I've ever commented to your journal, but I have to say that I would be tickled to death to see The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland chosen for the Norton award. There is no way to describe how highly I think of it without gushing like a schoolgirl and embarrassing us both to no end. People with more SFWA cred than me: go vote that sucker in!

I was hoping for a challenger to Cintiq. Cuz you know, there's tablets for computers for artists, and silly me, I thought that would be a good market to keep in mind. But no, a closed system running apps from the app store. Yay.

And no stylus, which probably would have sold it for me. The fact is, there is no way in which this is an active device for creating content--only for consuming it.

I suspect that the iPad is going for the netbook market, but that will all depend on what the price is.

I haven't been following this, but my boyfriend has and according to him it STARTS at $200 more than a Netbook and has much less memory. If that's the case I don't see how that's any competition. Seems like Apple's trying to create something for a market that doesn't exist.

At the moment, it's way high. And doesn't do a lot of the things a netbook does.

I also don't think I have much use for the iPad, as least in its current incarnation. But I haven't heard anyone say it's going to OMG destroy publishing; I've been hearing it's going to OMG save publishing. Which I don't think is true either, but still, that's the meme I've been seeing.

I might be reacting to the long twitter debate I had on the subject that made me very cranky.


Putting your book up for Weekly Book Promotion - I'm doing these more often since I got Hemmingson's book out by May (and the Bible book out at the end of the year and your advance sooner).

I linked that post in my LJ. :D

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