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c is for cat

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[Assistant] Palimpsest Art Auction: Request for Contact Info
c is for cat
Hi, folks!  Misha here, acting Assistant-General to our wonderful wordsmith. The various bits and pieces of the Palimpsest Art Auction have found their weary way back to Maine after an exhaustive trek of the U.S. and I'm trying to get appropriate contact info to put bidders and artists in touch with each other.

BIDDERS:  I have your e-mail addresses and will be contacting you soon.

ARTISTS:  I need contact info!  At present, I have two names and one contact address.  So if you are Joshua Gage, please send me some contact info!  Otherwise, if you created a piece for the Palimpsest Art Auction, please email me what piece you created and what contact info I can pass on to your winning bidder.

I can best be reached at my gmail account, mishamikeymonk.

Thanks, folks!

- Misha

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I made a ton of art for the auction!

Misha, what's your email? :)

mishamikeymonk at Gee mail dut comm.

Ahhh...holy call out, Batman!

I just sent you an e-mail with both e-mail and snail mail addies. I look forward to hearing from you.

I prob would have made art for the auction if I'd known about it :)

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