Living for the Revel (catvalente) wrote,
Living for the Revel

Brian's Scale

So earthgoat 's husband, who is not an SFF fan, was talking to me today about cons and meeting authors.

This followed:

Brian: "I feel like I need a scale whenever I meet someone, so I can know if this is a really big author that I should know, or if they are new, or were big in the 80s or what. I have no idea, usually. Like...this guy is two Scalzis, or something."

Me: "Oh, no, Scalzi is too big to be a base unit of measurement. You need a more average author who can multiply up and divide down more freely. Two Scalzis would be huge."

earthgoat : "Two Scalzis is like half a Gaiman."

So, let us invent a scale for Brian. We can even call it Brian's Scale, meant for people somewhat aware of the field but not huge fans. We need a base measurement, the authorial equivalents of inches--I think Scalzi works well enough for a foot-analogue measurement. Gaiman, obviously, is the epic yardstick. Other measurements could include awards: one Hugo win equals a fifth of a Resnick. I also think that though Gaiman is a good measure of contemporary mega-success, there has to be a Legend measurement, too. Like, a Gaiman is a half LeGuin, or how many Gibsons make an Asimov?

I open the floor. I will post the complete scale, hopefully, by the time ConFusion begins on Friday.


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