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It makes me so happy when one of my more ignored stories gets a little love.

The Anachronist's Cookbook, my steampunk story from the iPhone app Steampunk Tales, has been selected for inclusion in Ann and Jeff Vandermeer's Steampunk Reloaded anthology!

*cure kermitflail*

Not only is this an awesome series with great editors, but it means a lot more readers for that story. The ideal existence for the Cookbook is as part of a steampunk anthology, where the tropes it's reacting to are all around it, and it can almost be a real artifact within the world created by the other stories. I'm so excited to be in this one--and kudos to Ann and Jeff for looking in unorthodox places for fiction.


I don't think this really deserves an entry of its own, but it has been brought to my attention that the Powers That Be at Realms of Fantasy have been posting to Facebook and dismissing not only my entire post about the women-only issue, but all argument about it anywhere because I also mentioned email submissions. (I believe I am the only person to mention email submissions, in the context of other debates RoF might want to respond to editorially.)

I have no idea why mentioning another debate means this one can be ignored, but that seems to be the size of it.

This apparently means I'm just a "sour grapes" girl and can be dismissed. Actually, the phrase sour grapes means that one is denied something one truly wanted, so as a response, one disparages the thing to make oneself feel better. Since I am a woman and eligible for the issue and have never submitted to or been rejected from RoF (though I'm pretty sure I would be now), this phrase is darn near non-sensical when applied to this discussion, which let's be honest, brings the magazine tons of attention and free advertising.

So allow me to say: scratch what I said about email subs. Doesn't matter. Obscures the issue at hand.


Yep, I still think the issue is sad and segregating, the call for submissions poorly worded, and the implications upsetting.
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