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c is for cat

Rules for Anchorites

Letters from Proxima Thule

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It makes me so happy when one of my more ignored stories gets a little love.

The Anachronist's Cookbook, my steampunk story from the iPhone app Steampunk Tales, has been selected for inclusion in Ann and Jeff Vandermeer's Steampunk Reloaded anthology!

*cure kermitflail*

Not only is this an awesome series with great editors, but it means a lot more readers for that story. The ideal existence for the Cookbook is as part of a steampunk anthology, where the tropes it's reacting to are all around it, and it can almost be a real artifact within the world created by the other stories. I'm so excited to be in this one--and kudos to Ann and Jeff for looking in unorthodox places for fiction.


I don't think this really deserves an entry of its own, but it has been brought to my attention that the Powers That Be at Realms of Fantasy have been posting to Facebook and dismissing not only my entire post about the women-only issue, but all argument about it anywhere because I also mentioned email submissions. (I believe I am the only person to mention email submissions, in the context of other debates RoF might want to respond to editorially.)

I have no idea why mentioning another debate means this one can be ignored, but that seems to be the size of it.

This apparently means I'm just a "sour grapes" girl and can be dismissed. Actually, the phrase sour grapes means that one is denied something one truly wanted, so as a response, one disparages the thing to make oneself feel better. Since I am a woman and eligible for the issue and have never submitted to or been rejected from RoF (though I'm pretty sure I would be now), this phrase is darn near non-sensical when applied to this discussion, which let's be honest, brings the magazine tons of attention and free advertising.

So allow me to say: scratch what I said about email subs. Doesn't matter. Obscures the issue at hand.


Yep, I still think the issue is sad and segregating, the call for submissions poorly worded, and the implications upsetting.

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That's rather jerky of them, to not even discuss the merit or demerit of the idea.

I agree... and condescending language ('ruffling feathers'? wtf?) only increases the jerk factor, as I see it.

The book, I said when they did a call out for submits for the steampunk book that"I beat cats story for steampunk tales will get in" and the funny thing is I was going to ping you on the IM today to make certain you did send it in as I heard other people where getting there "Yes your in" or "No thank you emails" this week.


BTW go look at my LJ to see the film project I have started working with, going to see if I can't wiggle you in to it some how.

Congrats on being selected for the anthology. I liked the first one and look forward to the second, especially now that you're going to be in it. Yay!

Congratulations on the story. I would have thought it was worthy of a post by its own - short stories take a lot of time and work as you obviously know, and are all too often overshadowed by 'the novel'.

Realms of Fantasy - I don't get their email policy. It's a standard submission format these days, and sometimes the only means to send a story. They're way behind the times.

The sour grapes argument is always trotted out when people don't have a leg to stand on. I also think it's one used on writers rather a lot, to deflect reasonable criticisms that editors don't want to face up to.

RoF is hilarious. Every person associated with it who has spoken publicly in this last week has made a perfect clown of himself or herself! And some of these people actually have decades of experience and still don't know any better than to casually lie or bluster or humph and moan in the face of facts!

Several years ago, I submitted to this publisher's other magazines twice - snail mail submission with international reply coupons. And both times I didn't get a reply. Not a rejection, not even the word "No" scrawled on a postcard (which would have been okay), not a peep. If this had happened once, it could have been a mistake. After all, mail gets lost, etc... But considering it happened with two different submissions, a mistake is very unlikely. So much for being "nicer than most about refusals".

I don't mind a rejection - that's part of the game. But no response at all is just rude, particularly considering I went to the expense of sending the submission by mail (and for international submissions, postage and reply coupons are an expense).

After that experience, I removed this publisher from my personal "markets to submit" list. There's no reason to waste money submitting into a black hole.



That is some condescending, pro-status quo (I like how I can spot conservatives now by the way they treat "affirmative action" as a dirty word!) idiotic blathering I have seen from media industry professionals in a long time in a few weeks.

I'm a reader and a writer, and I just cannot support that magazine anymore. I just can't. This is what, the THIRD time they've said something bigoted and then pulled the ostriches with heads in the sand act?

I'm glad that Doug apologized. I don't think the original intent of issue idea even came from him, if I'm understanding correctly, so I won't speculate on that. However, I don't have confidence that he is an ally or even past the -isms 101 stage, and his boss is obviously a complete arse. Why should I give my money to people who think I'm spilling sour grapes (I've never submitted), that I don't buy anyway (I did. DID, past tense.), and that I'm automatically less talented -- and by implication, less than human -- for being female?


Steampunk: Reloaded

I've got one in there too. On the basis of the two authors I know will be in it, I must assume the book will kick all the ass.

As to RoF's issue, I haven't been paying enough attention to speak knowledgeably.

That was a great story, and I'll look forward to reading it again in the anthology.

Also, RoF, WTF.

I've decided that when I am Prince of Everything and have All The Money, I am buying RoF and giving it to someone who doesn't think that Derailing for Dummies is an excellent social handbook.


You're attacking, you attacker you! Because any time an opinion is stated, it's an attack. Any time dissent is voiced, it's an attack. Any time I choose tea over coffee, I'm attacking coffee manufacturers everywhere. Yep.

I'll just be over here rolling my eyes.

Did he really just suggest that you're complaining because you're not a good enough writer? I hope to be misinterpreting.

Not only does he suggest that people are complaining because they're hack writers, he also suggests that anyone who complains is just one of those people who "don't read".

Did you know that Cat doesn't read? I'd somehow missed that. Totally shocked, I tell you!

Why don't more people listen to you??? I mean, really. The insights you have and the things you call attention to I almost always agree with, and if for some reason I disagree I can still appreciate that you thought it out and reasoned it out and put the time into making sure your words expressed exactly what you wanted to convey.

And every time someone dismisses you for those insights, it always ends badly for them and they get bad publicity over it. *shakes head* stupid people, no cookie!

I talked about "The Anachronist's Cookbook" in my paper for SAMLA, and the lot of us on the panel went off on a whole jaunt about labor movement themes in steampunk :)

Congratulations on the anthology inclusion! I have the PDF of Steampunk Tales kept on my work computer, and was rereading your story just the other day. I like that your short stories always reward rereading.

Congrats on the short story sale! Sounds like a fun antho -- I look forward to it.

As far as RoF go -- they're just...well, dickwads is the word that first comes to mind. Because sure, if you don't agree with them in every detail, you're obviously a hack writer who can't read and has nothing better to do with your time than attack them. I'd like to know when a disagreement with someone became an "attack", though.


I just read Cookbook a few days ago -- couldn't ignore such a wonderful title, and I had bets with myself that there was no way someone could write a story that really deserved and did justice to that title...but I stand corrected; it was amazing. (And see? I can totally swallow my jealousy over the title and compliment you on it. NO PROBLEM. ;)

Congrats! And forgive RoF for being defensive; they're obviously on the wrong side of this issue (in two senses, I guess) and must know it, poor things.

Congrats. That is one of my favorite steampunk tales, period.

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