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c is for cat

Rules for Anchorites

Letters from Proxima Thule

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I post this without comment, because no comment could equal the awesome I am about to report:

Peaks Island is not famed in history or song. The poet has not sung of its beauties and the historian has passed it by, but it has its history and its beauties are acknowledged by all.

The earliest voyagers found Casco Bay adapted for a playground and a summer resort. Christopher Levitt, in 1623, said that there was good fishing and much fowl. He found plenty of salmon and other good fish in Fore River.

Michael Mitton told Josselyn of seeing a merman who came and laid his hands on the side of his canoe and that he chopped off one of his hands and that he then sank, dyeing the water with his purple blood.

--A History of Peaks Island and Its People

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Sweet. One of my stepfather's ancestors is supposed to have done similarly to a kappa.

Calling Torchwood..

I wonder if they kept the hand? [and if one could get viable DNA]

... Because this is totally the proper response to meeting a merman. :-\

("Merman, Dad. MerMAN.")

Poor mer-fellow. Would that they had regenerative capabilities.

It depends on circumstances. If the merman was trying to overturn my canoe, I'd chop at his hands, too.

Is it wrong that I read that in Derek Zoolander's voice?

How did he know it was a merman and not a mermaid?Fish are notoriously androginous.

mermaids are not notoriously androginous. At least not in the direction of mistaking them for men.

Hm. Mermaids are supposed to seduce men and whatnot, maybe the guy didn't like the idea translating over into the other gender? Not secure enough in his manhood, in other words.

"all my life I heard the stories of the beauty of mermaids, and how no mortal man could resist the sirens' song. Living by the ocean, I longed and feared being one of the lucky men who encountered one. To succumb and die, but in bliss, or live haunted; Either way, to encounter a legend...
...then a merMAN swam up to me, full of that unearthly beauty, alien and compelling. This I was not ready for - I did not wait for him to open his mouth"

Also, purple blood?

Or maybe he was a closet homosexual and the mermaid beauty is all glamour(i.e. they project images into your head).

glamour. oh, I like that one.

PS. Ithink I got the purple blood- they have both human blood, which is red, and the sea, which is blue, in their veins.Hence, purple.Or they may be related to royalty...

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