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Letters from Proxima Thule

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National Day of Unity??
Lost Girl
This is getting to levels of awful I can't even describe.

We got a visa invitation. All we need is to take it to the Consulate.

Which is closed tomorrow for a holiday. Meaning the earliest we could get to Russia would be Thursday night. Giving us at most three days.

And we're out of money. This has cost more than half of what the whole trip cost, and we've been penalized severely for changing our flight, on top of it all.

Both of us are just sitting here with our heads in our hands. We don't know what to do. We just wanted a honeymoon and now we're stranded, with no money, in a strange country, and fucking Expedia refuses to help us. Do we just turn around and go home? This hotel is so expensive, and we can't afford another night. I just don't know how to Pollyanna this.

Fuck. Everything seems pretty fucking dark right now.

I can offer you a rescue. Wolfgang and Sandra would be happy to host you in their lovely home and show you the sites of Bavaria, which are marvelous. If you want their number, IM me.

Who ever just offered this TAKE THEM UP ON IT AND DO IT!

Jesus christ, that's terrible. I'm so sorry. :(

Are you comfortable setting up a tip jar?

yikes. that is hideous and so unfair.

I have a friend who works in Frankfurt - she speaks excellent english and might be able to help in someway.

Signal boosted to a friend in Cologne; he might have friends near you who you could stay with, or suggestions for cheap digs. In the meantime, will you post a donation button? I bet lots of people would be happy to chip in a little towards making the rest of your trip wonderful.

My advice: get your three days in Russia and make the most of them. You're far more likely to regret going home than to regret going on.


What bastards. I agree with this -- you've come so far, take what you can make of it. I hope that people do hook you up with tribe in Germany, that you can enjoy your time there regardless, that you get to Russia when you can, and that you discover magic unexpectedly (after you've had a chance to have a good night's rest).

I'm so sorry to hear that. I can't imagine how frustrating that must be.

oh honey.
we all love you.
IM Gini, quick.

Can you enjoy Germany for the rest of the time you have left, instead of trying to go on to Russia? You're there, you may as well see the place.

IM Gini. See Bavaria. Russia will be there.

While you have internet access, report Expedia to the Better Business Bureau. You can do it online. You may get some resolution.

I'm so sorry this is happening.


I'd take someone up on their offer to host you there in Germany, and try to enjoy the time you have left there.

And when you get home, I'd see if you have a court case against Expedia.

I know other folks are offering help, but do youse know halbtrocken? She owns a bookstore in Dusseldorf, might be able to be able to be helpful?

What airline are you on? Yes, I'm circling wagons.

Lufthansa for Frankfurt-St.P (they are the ones who charged us $500 to change our flight) and United for US-Frankfurt.

Drat...I just moved to Chicago from Frankfurt in June, else you would have had a place to stay right in the city. Drat drat drat!

Have you found lodging in the city?

Contact me ASAP. Send me a message or email.

Valya (friend of Kyle & Trillian)

I'm so sorry -- what a nightmare!

I think it might have come to the point where threatening Expedia would be a good and useful thing. Escalate as high up the chain as you can get (keep asking to speak to the person's supervisor as many times as necessary). Tell them 1) you're initiating legal action the second you get home, and are looking forward to talking to reporters about how Expedia's incompetence and subsequent unwillingness to make things right ruined your honeymoon; and 2) you're a published author with close to 2,000 registered readers on your blog alone, *every one of whom* is now already aware that Expedia has screwed you over.

I don't know that it'll help at all, but maybe... Good luck!

This. I'll certainly never buy from Expedia again unless they give you one heck of a "we're-so-sorry-we-had-our-heads-up-our-asses" present.

Do you have a PayPal account? Can we send you money?

I do have paypal, though I'd rather it be a Fairyland donation or at least something where you got something in return.