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After not posting for so long, being occupado with Deathless, (which is now firmly named that, by the way, as the longer the book became the clearer it was that the thing was just plain called Deathless), it's hard to get back on the saddle. What if everyone forgot me and doesn't want to hear what I think now? Also: oh god, moar typing.

So I will ease back in. Wait on the essays I want to write til, you know, my wedding is over. It's only 10 days away. Which is really amazing-it's always been so far in the future and now it is emphatically here. I even got my hair all princess-ified yesterday to practice for the event. And mourned my inability to get my hair that beautiful by myself.

I'm working on a zombie story right now--I know right? But I think it might be a good one. Who knows. The anthology is tapping its wristwatch and looking pointedly in my direction, and this is the idea I got. Am still trying to decide if And Death Shall Have No Dominion is too obvious a title for a zombie story.

But mostly, theferrett and zoethe have been sick--but somehow my super immune system of doom has managed to not even catch a little of it. Last night we drank amaretto and watched cheesy musicals--Hairspray, Mamma Mia, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and Meet Me in St. Louis. Between that and playing tons of Beatles Rock Band, I kind of want to sing ALL THE TIME NOW. Perhaps incoming wedding people will join in the musical joy? (Speaking of, still making the wedding playlist, which is really hard.)

Other than that I'm just sort of flatlined. Desperately needed mental rest. I'm reading The Brief History of the Dead and loving it so far. I knitted a hat for Leningrad but it was too big so I'm unravelling it but sine it was a complicated cable pattern it's not unravelling as normal and takes forever so now I stare balefully at the mess of a former hat on the nightstand. I really want my mom and

tithenai and everyone else to be here, but especially justbeast , who gets back into town on Saturday. 

Tonight, we're having Indian food and I would imagine watching movies while the convalescents continue to convalesce. I have a craving for cocoa.

Calm before the storm--I can't wait for the wedding, but I also just want it to come off and everyone to have a good time. And sometimes I stress myself out thinking they won't. And I'm running on all my animal drives right now, due to mental exhaustion: want food, chocolate, boy, music, pretty lights, warm covers. Fire bad. Tree pretty.

Maybe someday I will feel human again.


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