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Five days post-novel I find myself habitually exhausted, with a running tally of Things to Do for the Wedding running in my head, so intense I couldn't sleep last night. Also not helping: justbeast is home in Maine working, and I have to sleep by myself. Also my phone is not working while I wait for a new charger because apparently Palm is DEAD to AT&T. DEAD, I tell you!

Anyway. I also find myself ravenously hungry most of the time. I did not eat well or much while writing and I think my body is saying: I will get hunter gatherer on your ass and start stalking suburbanites if you do not start feeding me regularly!

And I'm considering buying some of that Starbucks Via crap which is just instant coffee, people, but theferrett and zoethe 's house is free of coffee drinksers and thus not one friendly to a girl nursing a serious coffee addiction throughout most of the year. (Speaking of, zoethe is my fairy godmother and I could not plan this wedding without her for serious. She needs a tiara.)

So where do we stand? My dress is almost ready and the seamstress is coming out for the final fitting just before the wedding. We meet with the venue Friday. Dry run for make up Sunday. Dry run for hair sometime next week. Flowers folded from book pages by blazepoet arriving next week to be assembled. Ties for wedding party procured. Rehearsal arranged plus post-rehearsal shindig at the Velvet Tango Room. (If you're going tbe here on Friday, give me a heads up). Bachelor party (I am not an ette) planning is moving, thanks to Danielle. It's all going along, my only nerve wracking thing is the mail. Some important items have not arrived and that really upsets me, including justbeast 's ring. It's supposed to be here by now. Grrr. Also I have no motivation to do wedding stuff today.

I've started on the playlist for the reception--we are gonna have awesome music. I need more 90s cheesy awesome music though, and my brain is fried. I wish I still had the stuff from prom (my 27th birthday).

In the meantime, I have to write a short story, edit a short story, write a speech in case I win the World Fantasy Award that I am trying not to think about because then I'll stress uselessly, sit on really awesome news developing as we speak, and move through post-novel inertia and funk.

And I'm hungry and want coffee. My whole psyche is functioning on this animal level--food, caffeine, shiny. theferrett did some classic memes today and I kind of want to, just for the contact--I'm feeling a bit isolated. It's so weird not to be outside half the day on my island, listening to the foghorns and the sea. Maybe that's why I can't sleep. No foghorns.

But I think most of the internet is bored with questions and secrets. Sigh.

I'm on my own tonight, the rest of the household has a concert date. I wonder what I'll do? Is Cleveland, and I have no car or phone. That limits things severely.

So it goes.

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