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Lots of exciting things...and the novel is almost done, which means I can return to the land of the living (or LJ, whichever) this very week.

First off, new Fairyland chapter!

Chapter XVII: One Hundred Years Old

At first, September was not sure she was awake. She saw no difference, whether she opened her eyes or no. Slowly, she felt the cold wetness of sitting in several inches of seawater. Her bleeding, she thought, had stopped, at least mostly stopped. But she could not move her arms, and she suspected her leg was broken. It surely was not supposed to bend that way beneath her. The cold water numbed her all over, and softly, quietly, September cried in the dark.

“I want to go home,” she said shakily to the dark. And she meant it, for the first time. Not as the lie which got her into Fairyland, but the real and honest truth. Her lips trembled. Her teeth chattered. “It’s all so scary here, Mom,” she whispered. “I miss you.”

Second, if you go to the front page of Fairyland, you'll find s00j 's brand new Fairyland song, September's Rhyme, which is just plain gorgeous, sinister, sweet, with the devil's own harmonies. You have to hear this!

Thirdly, over the weekend I discovered I was a finalist for the Last Drink Bird Head award in the Expanding Our Vocabulary category! This is too cool, and I hope it becomes a regular thing. That makes two awards I'll find out about on my wedding day...

Fourthly, Rabid Transit Press has international ordering set up for my Arthurian novella Under In the Mere, so now everyone can get their hands on a copy. It's illustrated by coppervale and his brother and is going to be gorgeous. Where else can you get Kay as a punch-card eating Turing machine and Galahad touring the bars of San Diego? Plus it's only $10, which is a steal. This comes out on November 1st, and I'm ridiculously proud of it.

I'll have some free fiction for you guys tomorrow, and the Fairyland audio will go up tonight--we just ran out of time with having to go to Boston to have my angry subdermal piercing removed. A story for when I'm finished with Deathless.

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