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Chapbook Giveaway

Ugh. I want to stop being sick. This is not working for me, body. Try something else.

It's definitely something here because I was better in NYC. I wonder if it's the famed catalpa. Who knows. I feel like hell, all the time. Ugh.

On the other hands, boxes have been arriving from my ex-husband. It would appear I had a stuffed animal problem.

However, something else came: three pristine copies of Music of a Proto-Suicide, my first publication, a teensy chapbook from an even teensier press which no longer exists. These books cannot be had at this point in any way, shape, or form. They are gone. Which is why I was surprised to find three perfect, unblemished copies in a box. So.

One for me, because I didn't have one, having given all of mine away to people who wanted it. One for the NIU archives. Which leaves...

One copy.

So...who wants it? Leave a comment offering interesting trade, straight up payment, or just arguing why it should be yours free and clear. I'll send it to the best "bidder." (To be clear, I'm perfectly happy to send it for free if the best "bidder" is an awesome reason why you should have it.)

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