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EDIT: Nevermind.

I DO have a kaffeeklatsch at Worldcon!

It wasn't on the schedule they sent me, but I filled out a contact form on the official sit and was redirected to my schedule and I have a kaffeeklatsch on Wednesday at 4pm!

(emilytheslayer does this affect our carpooling plan?)

Do you know what this means?

Dude, the muffins will be so fresh.

So. I realize this is early in the con, but I will have mango marscapone muffins and the best coffee ever from Bard Coffee in Portland in a nice French press for us all to taste--single origin, organic, and awesome. It is my intent to do this for all future kaffeklatsches, so this'll be the maiden yoage of I'm Putting the Damn Kaffee in Kaffeklatsch!

I hope some of you will come! If there's something you want me to talk about or bring or suchlike, leave it in the comments.

Also this means I have much of Wednesday night and all of Thursday to hang in Montreal. Who wants to get together?

Speaking of, Greer Gilman (!) and I are interviewing each other as part of this dual interview thing they've got going at Worldcon. So...what would you ask Greer Gilman, if you could ask anything?

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