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My Worldcon Schedule

Once again, thank you to papersky  and elisem  for making it remotely possible for me to go to Worldcon--this is my first, and I'm super excited.

This is my schedule!

When: Fri 11:00
Location:  D-Vitre
Title:  Writing Workshop W
Session ID:  661
All Participants:  Catherynne Valente, Karin Lowachee
Description:  Critique session for previously submitted manuscripts

When: Fri 17:00
Location:  P-512BF
Title:  Folklore, Science Fiction and Fantasy
Session ID:  537
All Participants:  Catherynne Valente, Edward James, Greer Gilman,
Janet McNaughton, Maura McHugh
Moderator:  Edward James
Description:  Folklore is not fairy tale. It's a body of knowledge
about the way the world works.

When: Sat 9:00
Location:  P-522A
Title:  Author Reading
Session ID:  240
All Participants:  Catherynne Valente, Greer Gilman
Moderator:  <Not Available>
Description:  Greer Gilman, Hal Duncan, Catherynne M. Valente.

3-254 Sat/Sam 17:00 1hr 30min
P-513C Costume and Craft/Costumes
et artisanat
Traditional Women’s Crafts and
Cynthia Gonsalves, Emily Wagner, Catherynne M. Valente
There’s always a woman who weaves
beautifully, a goodwife who can dye like a
dream, and maybe even a spinning wheel.
But what are these crafts really like? What
goes into them? How do you write them
plausibly? How do you create the kind of
society that supports these activiities. And
how does gender fit into all of this?

When: Sat 18:30
Location:  Other
Title:  Catherynne M. Valente Signing
Session ID:  1522
All Participants:  Catherynne Valente
Moderator:  <Not Available>
Description:  Catherynne M. Valente Signing

When: Sat 21:00
Location:  P-512BF
Title:  What Our Things Say About Us
Session ID:  940
All Participants:  Catherynne Valente, Delia Sherman, James Cambias,
Mindy Klasky
Moderator:  James Cambias
Description:  That collection of kibble you are hiding under the bed
is a lot more revealing than your palm.

When: Sun 9:00
Location:  P-512CG
Title:  How Not to be a Jerk Online
Session ID:  930
All Participants:  Catherynne Valente, Kate Nepveu, John Scalzi,
Michelle Kendall
Moderator:  John Scalzi
Description:  Is there an equivalent of Miss Manners for this modern
age? How to avoid flamewars and actually learn something.
Duration:  1:00 hrs:min
Language:  English
Track: Human Culture
AV/Internet request:  None

When: Sun 12:30
Location:  P-522B
Title:  Writing for a Living
Session ID:  788
All Participants:  Catherynne Valente, Howard Tayler, Mandy Slater,
George R. R. Martin
Moderator:  Me
Description:  Is it possible to make a living as an independent writer
or graphic artist? Where does the internet fit in the equation? The
practical aspects of the writing life and self-employment.

When: Sun 15:30
Location:  P-524C
Title:  Rainbow Futures
Session ID:  178
All Participants:  Catherynne Valente, Cecilia Tan, Graham Sleight,
Jason Bourget, Lila Garrott-Wejksnora
Moderator:  Graham Sleight
Description:  How does media SF deal with gay and lesbian characters?
Is the real world moving too fast for the genre?  Can SF show us a
future where sexual orientation isn’t a big deal?

When: Sun 22:00
Location:  P-518BC
Title:  The Future of Sex
Session ID:  30
All Participants:  Catherynne Valente, Howard Davidson, Peter Cohen,
Catherine Crockett
Moderator:  Me
Description:  From teledildonics to sexually transmitted diseases
things are changing in the bedroom (and elsewhere!).

When: Mon 10:00
Location:  P-511A
Title:  Movements in Fantasy
Session ID:  566
All Participants:  Ann VanderMeer, Catherynne Valente, Maura McHugh,
Violette Malan
Moderator:  Maura McHugh
Description:  Kathryn Cramer recently remarked that - unlike SF -
movements in fantasy (like New Weird) are only a recent phenomenon. If
so, what are the trends we should be looking for in coming fantasy

When: Mon 12:00
Location:  P-513B
Title:  Interview: Writers with a Unique Voice
Session ID:  923
All Participants:  Catherynne Valente, Greer Gilman
Moderator:  <Not Available>
Description:  Two writers with distinctive voices interview each other
about what influences their personal style and how they write. (ZOMG!!)

I am thrilled about getting to be on a panel with scalzi , and finally getting to go to a nineweaving  reading, as well as dual interviewing with her! Feel very weird about moderating a panel with grrm  on it, especially since he presumably is a lot better at writing for a living than I am, but hopefully will be up to the task.

Now, I didn't get a kaffeeklatsch, which is cool, but I had it in my head that if I did get one, I'd make the mango coconut marscapone muffins and bring fresh Portland coffee and maybe even some of my homemade chutney it would be like a thing. I'm not at all disappointed not to have a KK, I'm disappointed not to have an opportunity to bake for you guys. I am weird.

So anyway, would anyone want to have an impromptu bakeyklatsch in one of the common areas/consuite? Saturday afternoonish? Or Thursday anytime, if people are going to be there early? How many would want to come? RSVP here with your preferred timeframe. If more than, say, half a dozen want to do it, I will produce muffins! We could also have a literary activity, like...bring your favorite paragraph from a novel to read aloud...


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