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Fairyland Chapter Seven

Ach! Overslept due to being up with a very exciting Wordpress update that killed our page layout!

Fairyland Chapter Seven is up!

Fairy Reels:

At home, she loved the movies. She loved sitting in the dark, waiting for something wonderful to begin. Especially the tragic and frightening movies, where ladies fainted dead away and monsters roared up out of the dark. Like in that cartoon her mother had taken her to see when she was very small, where the dark-haired princess ran away into the terrible forest and the owls flew at her and pecked at her hands. That was wonderful—because the world was suddenly alive, and excited, and wanted things just the way September herself sometimes wanted things. Even if the world seemed mainly to not want a princess bothering it. September had not liked the princess so much, either, as she had a high, breathy voice she found terribly annoying. But the owls, and the mines, and the flashing eyes in the wood. That she liked. And now she was in the wood, really and truly, with the flashing eyes all around her. What could Fairy movies possibly be like?

Chapter discussion at onaleopard , right this way. Don't forget--the deadline for the Fairyland Museum contest is August 1st!

Am deep in the page mines today. Please, do consider donating if you can.

Must find coffee...

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