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shadesong is blogathonning this year!

Sponsor her directly by clicking the banner below as she blogs to benefit the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, and over to blogforbarcc to bid on awesome shinies.

I am not blogathonning this year. I agonized over the decision, as I love Blogathon with a passion. (I finished the first half of the first Orphan's Tales book--it was originally a 4 book series--as part of the 2nd Blogathon years back, a very little known fact.) In the end I feel like you guys have had to put up with enough fundraising from me over the last few weeks. Maybe that was a wrong decision, maybe a right one. I still don't know. I kind of long to drive down to Boston and play along, but I think it's far too late. Anyway. I'll be doing it next year for sure. This year, please head over and sponsor shadesong if you can.
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