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Fairyland Surprise

There's a surprise mid-week chapter of Fairyland up!

It's a wee chapter, so it goes up on a Wednesday instead. Big, long chapters are Mondays, but if I have a small one, it'll be a mid-week update. (The onaleopard  community heard about it early, so if you're not a member yet, head on over--I'll be announcing a contest there later today.)

There's also a new author's commentary there, so don't forget to click the wyvern!

The Key and Its Travels

Being careful and clever readers, you must now wonder if your woolgathering narrator has completely forgotten the jeweled key that so loyally followed September into Fairyland. Not so! But a key’s adventuring is of necessity a quieter thing than a girl’s, more singleminded, and also more fraught with loneliness.

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