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Fairyland Chapter Six

The New Fairyland chapter is up!

Chapter Six: Shadows in the Water

Scientifick’ly speaking, a fairy, what I am, is not much different’n a human. Your lot evolved from monkeys. We evolved…well, it’s not talked on in polite circles, but there never was a polite circle with a human in it. Fairies started out as frogs. Amphibianderous, right? Well, being frogs was no kind of fun, so we went about and stole better bits—wings from dragonflies and faces from people and hearts from birds and horns from various goats and antelope-ish things and souls from ifrits and tails from cows and we evolved, over a million million minutes, just like you.

And...onaleopard is in this week's LJ Spotlight! So be sure to head over and take part in the discussion--it's becoming a really neat community. Chapter Six chat is here. And don't forget, if you create any sort of art inspired by Fairyland, it will go into the Museum with a link to your website.

As soon as my brain clears, it's off to the cafe to write moar.

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