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More Readercon

Readercon speaks:

There has been a lot of confusion about Readercon's plans for next year, caused in part by a flier that we distributed on Sunday and in part by conflicting statements made in public and in private by people involved with the con and by various attendees. We apologize for putting out unclear, incomplete information, and would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight.

Attendees, professional guests, and book dealers can expect a Readercon next year every bit as exciting as our previous twenty. Readercon 21 will be held July 8 – 11, 2010 in Burlington, Massachusetts at the Boston Marriott Burlington.

Readercon 21 will have at least one guest of honor, two tracks of panels, readings, discussions, kaffeeklatches, the Cordwainer Smith Rediscovery Award, the Rhysling Award Poetry Slan, the Shirley Jackson Award, Meet the Pro(se), and as always the Kirk Poland Memorial Bad Prose Competition.

Our committee is finishing up the business of this year's convention as well as working on Readercon 21. Full details will be available soon.

Diane Martin & David Shaw
Con & Program Chairs for Readercon 21

It seems like a lot of changes have been made to the original plan, though I'm a little confused at the tone here, which makes it sound a bit like the flyer materialized out of an alternate dimension and the plan was always to have multiple tracks and a living guest of honor, despite the flyer saying the exact opposite. I would point out that the information put out by "various attendees" was not wild daydreaming but repeating verbatim what was said by the programming chair and printed on the flyer.

But I'm at least glad that it might not be our father's Readercon after all. I am very interested in seeing what it will be.

So...will you be going?

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