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Two Things

1. Because I have never gotten the hang of tags (OH NOZ AM OLD) or been able to remember to use them more than like twice, ever, I have opened this journal up to public tagging. (Also because LJ has no usable search function. I hear kylecassidy 's on that.) Tag away!

2. I am running a writer's workshop at Worldcon this year! You can thank papersky  and elisem  for making it possible for me to attend my first Worldcon despite my straightened financial circumstances--I'd never have been able to do it without their help. Thank you, guys!

Go here to find out more about the workshop and how to apply. Several folks on this here LJ can tell you what it's like to be in a workshop with me--if you guys leave comments about the experience I'll edit the post to contain them.

Tags: i do trendsetting, thankful cat, tour, worldcon, writer's workshop
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