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Fairyland Chapter Five

The new Fairyland chapter is up!

Chapter Five: The House Without Warning

As the two of them travel along, I shall take a moment’s pause, as is my right. For it deserves remarking that if one is to obtain a monstrous companion, a Wyvern—or a Wyverary—is really a top-notch choice. Firstly, they rarely tire, and their gait is remarkably even, considering the poultry-like disposition of their feet. Secondly, when they do tire, they snore, and no ravening bandit would dare to come near. Thirdly, being French in origin, they have highly refined tastes and are unlikely to seek out unsavory things to eat, such as knights’ gallbladders or maidens’ bones. They much prefer a vat or two of truffles, a flock of geese, and a lake of wine, and they will certainly share. Lastly, their mating seasons are brief and infrequent, and the chances of experiencing one of them is so small as to be beyond the notice of any native guidebook, or indeed the concern of any small girl with brown hair who might be utterly innocent of such things. Truly, it hardly bears mentioning.

There is also a lovely new necklace from qotcpcf  in the Fairyland Museum.

Please do read--some of you have said you didn't want to read without donating. That's not how it works! It's up for free, for everyone to read, whether they donate or not. Obviously, donations are awesome and without them there would be no Fairyland. But the whole model is that donations from a portion of the readership pays for the story for all. Please read it, even if you never, ever donate. If you can, throw a few dollars in. If you can't, or aren't inclined, just sit back and come to Fairyland with me. We'll have such a time, I promise.

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