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I have this awesome talent of making myself tired before I even go to a con.

In the last 12 hours I have accomplished:

Lemon basil shortbread (ingredients culled from the garden in my Rhysling-nominated poem The Girl With Two Skins)

Blueberry Goat Cheese Muffins (I am somewhat disappointed in this recipe. They're good, and I'll bring them to my kaffeeklatsch for everyone to nom, but I think I wanted more cheesiness to them.)

3,077 words on Fairyland, Chapter 7 (Still iffy on the title. What Is a Fairy? Maybe.) done. Chapter 8 (Fairy Reels) all mapped out in my head.

Some sleep.

I also made some intense mango-balsamic chutney for the Goblin Fruit party tonight. But that was not in the last 12 hours.

justbeast  is staying home at the last minute, to save money and give him a chance to get some freelance work done. Thus I am driving down to Boston by my lonesome in a few hours, after a long-dreaded trip to the Post Office and an uploading of Pratchett audiobook for the drive. I will be without Loyal Knight for the con, so if'n anyone wants to help with things, I'll be the one with long black hair looking frazzled. My main reading is on Sunday at 11:30 in NH/MA, and I'll be reading from the now-untitled Russian book, unless y'all holler for something else.

In other news, Steampunk Tales has finally opened up to all platforms, not just the iPhone, so you can read my story of angry teenage anarcho-Marxist Luddism, The Anachronist's Cookbook.

I'm pretty damn proud of that title.

Anyway. I, rough beast, slouch toward Boston. Will return with a regyt , a novalis , and a loinfruit , and will have an alankria  mid-week.

I hope to see you all at Readercon! Don't be shy! I only bite if asked nicely.

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