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Readercon Schedule

Oy. The first thing you'll notice is that I'm in a lot of damn anthologies. So I'm in like every group reading in the place. Woo! All this is tremendously fun, and I'll also be at the Goblin Fruit part on Thursday, bringing homemade champagne mango chutney.

Second thing: what would y'all like to talk about or possibly even do at my kaffeeklatsch? We could all bring Art Things to trade around or discuss how The Smiths suck, even though everyone insists on imitating them, and the connection between prog rock and zombies and how if one never heard another word about either of them it would be awesome.

Other suggestions? (And if there is anything specific you want me to address in my How I Wrote The Orphan's Tales talk, let me know)

Anyway, please come to these things what I am doing. I promise fun for all!

Friday 11:00 AM, Salon E: Panel

Egocentrism and Creativity.  Scott Edelman, Eileen Gunn, James Patrick
Kelly (L), John Shirley, Catherynne M. Valente, Gene Wolfe

[Greatest Hit from Readercon 13.]  "I'm Michael Swanwick, and with the
possible exception of Gene Wolfe, I'm the best writer present today." This
introduction at Readercon 1 (at the Wolfe appreciation panel!) drew big
laughs for its nerve (and apparent self-delusion), but in retrospect it
seems to be merely precognitive (Nabokov observes that "there is no more
pure love in the world than the love a young writer has for the old writer
he will someday become"). Swanwick now maintains that "modesty and a
reasonable awareness of [one's] limitations have no place in a writing

Friday 12:00 Noon, Salon E: Panel

The Catharsis of Myth, the Shock of Invention.  Ellen Asher, Theodora Goss
(L), Elaine Isaak, Laura Miller, Catherynne M. Valente

[Greatest Hit from Readercon 8.]  In writing or reading fiction, we place
a high value on the degree to which the plot unfolds in unexpected ways.
But much of the power of myth and fairy tale derives from the way it
fulfills our expectations.  How do the best works of fantasy reconcile
these seeming opposites?

Friday 2:00 PM, VT: Group Reading

_Mythic Delirium / Goblin Fruit_ Group Reading (60 min,.)  Mike Allen,
Amal-El Mohtar, and Jessica Paige Wick (co-hosts) with Leah Bobet, M. M.
Buckner, Greer Gilman, Sonya Taaffe, Catherynne M. Valente, Joselle
Vanderhooft et al

Joint reading from _Mythic Delirium_, the biannual magazine of speculative
poetry edited by Allen (which just published its tenth anniversary issue),
and _Goblin Fruit_, the quarterly online zine of fantastical poetry edited
by El-Mohtar and Wick (whose Summer 2009 issue is due out now).

Friday 3:00 PM, VT: Group Reading

Interfictions 2 Group Reading (60 min.)  Delia Sherman (host) with
Amelia Beamer, K. Tempest Bradford, Matthew Cheney, F. Brett Cox, Michael
DeLuca, Jeffrey Ford, Theodora Goss, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Shira Lipkin,
Rachel Pollack, Catherynne M. Valente, Genevieve Valentine

Readings from Interfictions 2: An Anthology of Interstitial Writing_,
edited by host Sherman and Christopher Barzak and forthcoming in the fall
from Small Beer Press under the auspices of the Interstitial Arts

Friday 5:30 PM, RI: Talk (30 min.)

How I Wrote The Orphan's Tales.  Catherynne M. Valente

Friday 8:00 PM, ME/ CT: Talk / Discussion (60 min.)

Annual Interstitial Arts (IAF) Town Meeting.  Ellen Kushner with
discussion by Liz Gorinsky, Theodora Goss, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Shira
Lipkin, Delia Sherman, John Shirley, Sarah Smith, Catherynne M. Valente

Interstitial Art falls in the interstices of recognized genres.  The
Interstitial Arts Foundation is a group of "Artists Without Borders"
fighting the Balkanization of art. They celebrate work that crosses or
straddles the borders between media, the borders between genres, the
borders between "high art" and popular culture. They are not opposed to
mainstream fiction or genre fiction, nor are they seeking to create a new
category. They are just particularly excited by border-crossing fiction
(and music and art), and want to support the creation of such works and to
establish better ways of engaging with them. The IAF has had a presence at
Readercon from its beginning. In 2007, in cooperation with Small Beer
Press, the IAF published Interfictions: An Anthology of Interstitial
Writing edited by Delia Sherman and Theodora Goss, and in fall 2009 they
will present Interfictions 2, edited by Delia Sherman and Christopher
Barzak. They are also doing a lot with visual arts.  Interstitial Arts is
an idea, a conversation, not a hard-and-fast definition-and it's a
conversation you are invited to join.

Saturday 12:00 Noon, VT: Group Reading

Federations Group Reading (60 min.)  John Joseph Adams (host) with K.
Tempest Bradford, Robert J. Sawyer, Allen Steele, Catherynne M. Valente,
Genevieve Valentine

Readings from the original and reprint anthology (cover blurb: "Vast.
Epic.  Interstellar.") edited by Adams and published by Prime Books in

Saturday 2:00 PM, VT: Group Reading

Clockwork Phoenix 2 Group Reading (60 min.)  Mike Allen (host) with
Saladin Ahmed, Leah Bobet, Mary Robinette Kowal, Barbara Krasnoff,
Catherynne M. Valente.

Readings from the second volume of the annual non-theme anthology
(subtitled _More Tales of Beauty and Strangeness_) edited by Allen and
just published by Norilana Books.

Saturday 3:00 PM, Salon A: Event

The Rhysling Award Poetry Slan.
 Mike Allen (MC) with Michael Bishop, Leah
Bobet, Lila Garrott, Greer Gilman, Ernest Lilley, Darrell Schweitzer,
Sonya Taaffe, Catherynne M. Valente

(A "poetry slan," to be confused with "poetry slam," is a poetry reading
by sf folks, of course.)  Climaxed by the presentation of this year's
Rhysling Awards.

Sunday 11:30 AM, NH / MA: Reading (30 min.)

Catherynne reads from her novel forthcoming in 2011 (not yet titled--much to my chagrin. But I promise Communist goblins!), based on Russian
folk tales and Stalinist history.

Sunday 1:00 PM, Salon F: Autographing

Sunday 2:00 PM, Vineyard: Kaffeeklatsch

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