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Home and A Broad

So one of the cooler things to happen to me over the past week is that I was asked to serve on the advisory board of Broad Universe--which is an awesome organization that helps women writers (I think it's especially helpful if you're just getting a toe-hold in the industry) and which I have admired for a long time. I'm really excited, as I feel they made a difference for me in my early career. Plus I've never been on a board before. I need a tie!

So as my first board-member act, let me say: Join Broad Universe!

Seriously, they make your books available at cons and provide opportunities to read even at the big ones. They are a great advocacy group and if you are trying to put your career together, you need this tool in your arsenal. It's also about 1/3 the cost of joining SFWA (which I need to make a decision on soon, I really don't know whether I want to renew yet.)


We're heading into town today for 4th of July at chang3002 's house. I suspect there might be beer. In general feeling pretty good as yesterday was a great work day--an essay done in the morning, a chapter of Fairyland in the afternoon.

Also, guys, just to let you know, it's taken an absurd amount of time to get everyone into the database as there have been a slew of new memberships. Omikuji goes out Monday morning. We've emailed everyone we don't have an address for--please respond! (This month's lottery prize made by my awesome friend Danielle! Oh how I envy you, lottery winner!)

Finally--check the awesome icon by talkstowolves! She's so good at this! I wonder if a Fairyland mood icon set is possible...

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