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Works And Days

Today's Collected Effusions (Because you wanted to know):

Fairyland Chapter 5: 4,733 words (finished)

Omikuji Story (Reading Borges in Buenos Aires--easily the weirdest thing I've ever done for Omikuji): 2,173 words

Non-Literary Activity:

Made posole from scratch

Tried and failed to work out how to knit a sock on two circular needles

Read some of Orlando Figes's The Whisperers as part of ongoing research, which has an uncomfortable moralizing angle. Not bad enough that Stalin was psychotic. We have to cluck over the essential lameness of Bolshevism and Communism in general, and portray the Soviet masses as simultaneous tragic victims and slavering villains because that's what the West does.

Watched some Dexter, which I can't actually watch without doing something else, like writing, because it's just uncomfortable and disturbing. But I can use to bleed off excess attention just fine.

Drank a lot of Newton's Own Lemonade, which I love obsessively and should not have because it is sugary.

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