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You guys...are my heroes.

Yesterday was a roller coaster of epic proportions. I boggled, I laughed, I cried, I had to go lay down for awhile. I was so wired and jumpy and filled with love I could hardly sleep.

You all saved us. In one day we've got enough to keep us going another couple of months. Whatever happens from here on out, well, you saved me. I belong to you, just a little bit. I'll do everything I can to be worthy of that. To keep making stories for you, more and better, to earn the extraordinary thing you've done. It's not over--I have a book to write, and as much as I want to be all: yay the rent is paid! Oh, man, and the water bill! we still don't know when justbeast will have a job again, and to be really ok, we need a bit of cushion. But the immediate crisis has passed. This house is so full of light and gratitude.

As a thank you, justbeasthas started posting his translations of beautiful Russian fairy tales again--they are very much worth reading. And unavailable in English other than on his LJ.

People say the internet alienates people, isolates them. I have no idea what they're talking about. You guys are my village. If I can, in the future, help you as I have been helped, say the word. We keep each other going. Thank you especially to corvaxgirl , who started the adoptingcat  community where there are gorgeous things for auction, popelizbet , alexandraerin , and my best girl s00j . And to everyone who offered help and services and job leads, to everyone who donated and gave of their energy and stores to us.

There are...a lot of new people reading this journal. Most of you know that at some point yesterday, Misters Gaiman and Ellis linked to this, and well, explosions ensued, as they do when such lightning bolts strike.

So...hi guys!

I wanted to answer a couple of FAQ from yesterday, so that when Fairyland launches on Monday everything's clear.
  • The ebooks are all in PDF form for now.
  • The Omikuji Project is a cyberfunded art project I've been running for a bit over a year now. Every month I send out an original, not-to-be-published-elswhere story either in PDF form or on linen paper with a wax seal, delivered to your door. Every month there's a drawing for a handmade art piece based on the story. It's been an amazing experience: Omikuji is family. Occasionally we try to do meet ups at cons--there is an LJ community, omikuji_project, and a Facebook Group. I make money with novels, short fiction, poetry, non-fiction--but Omikuji more often than anything else puts food on our table.
  • The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making was a book-within-a-book in my novel Palimpsest, which came out in February, and there are many references to it in the fabulous book soundtrack s00j  composed. It was originally designed to be a book by H.F. Weckweet, written in the 1920s. It'll be a bit like Oz, a bit like Alice, a bit like nothing else. I'm really looking forward to writing it! There's some talk of a podcast, we'll see how that goes.
  • There is a Fairyland Facebook Group here--I hope this suffices for a central place to discuss and have fun with the book, if an LJ comm is desired, that can happen too. If you guys want any other extra Fairyland material, just ask. Your wish is deeply my command.
A couple of other things...

I need some graphic help with the website, if anyone is good with art/graphics/web design. I've got to get a chunk of novel written this weekend, I just don't have time to do all the art myself. Anyone out there good with a mouse?

There are already Fairyland icons to be had thanks to icon goddess and all around amazing girl fireriven. A whole gallery full. One of them adorns this post. That serious little girl is just how I see September in my head--and September would be our heroine, come Monday. I hear rumor of shinies from pretendpeterpan  as well. It's gonna be a party around here.

Thank you, all of you. I put my heart in your hands and you made it glow. justbeast 's personal mottoes has always been: SF Saves. Quite freaking so. I can't think of a community, a family, a life I would rather be a part of.

(Here's the original post, if you have no idea what's going on.)

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