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emilytheslayer  is coming up to visit this weekend! Yay! Fiberartsgasm and curry!

Also, I know I mentioned that I'm the Guest of Honor at ConFusion 2010. You should definitely be going to this, if just to see whether I take rosefox's dare to open my GoH speech with OMGYOUGUYZ!

What you might not know?

s00j is now the Musical GoH.

The other writing Guest of Honor? Peter S. Beagle, my friends. I freaked the hell out when I heard that. Peter Beagle...and me. What? I know! Gah!

Funny thing is, Mr. Beagle has no reason at all to remember that we've met. He spoke to my high school writing class when I was 15. I was ever so briefly in a writing group with him, my first. I was all wee and redheaded and 90 pounds of squeaking enthusiasm. And now...I'm sharing a Guest of Honor slot with him. My life is full of the strange and awesome sometimes.

The point is you should all be buying your tickets to Michigan right now. trainsofheaven  reunion, mayhap?

And I have a dastardly plan to get a dealer table at Wiscon next year and conduct it as a Mythpunk Table--where all the awesome writers and artists of that stripe can sell their wares collectively. (Any of you all want in on that?) Maybe we could do it at ConFusion, too?

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