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Here's A Little Song I Wrote

Some of you may recall that I wrote a science fiction story a little while back. My first. It's called Golubash, or, Wine-War-Blood-Elegy, and it's in the Federations anthology, which is, at long last, available.

I MADE SPACE OPERA. ALSO WINE TASTING. Seriously, there's a ray gun. I'm ridiculously excited and proud of this story, which was terribly hard to write (more on that soon), with all my fantasy tools off limits. (Huge thanks go to khiron1416 and tiffania who helped me research it, and s00j , who helped me learn some vital software.)

Thing is, it's still pretty hard to get people to read short fiction, especially the kind that doesn't come free online, but in a paper book you have to buy. And I really want you to read this. So my brain hatched a Thing. A Thing that goes especially well with SF. It took me a long time to learn how to do what was in my head, and here it is.

This is Golubash, remixed. You have to listen to understand. It's a song, it's a mash-up, it's a reading, it's a trailer. The only word I've been able to come up with is ReadMix, and that's a bit lame. Please feel free to rename the Thing--because, if you guys like this, I will make one for every short story I publish.

But you have to tell me that you want me to, because it's not a short or simple process--though I'm sure it will get shorter and simpler as I go, and hopefully better. You know where the comments are--and if it sucks, feel free to tell me that too. One thing I learned on tour is that no matter how you think you can't get nervous anymore, when it's something you've never done, you will remember how to sweat bullets. *deep breath, squelched debilitating shyness*

This is hosted on, so feel free to pass it around as much as you like. vschanoes  and I once talked about how SFF needed a little more punk rock. Well.


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