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Here's A Little Song I Wrote
Some of you may recall that I wrote a science fiction story a little while back. My first. It's called Golubash, or, Wine-War-Blood-Elegy, and it's in the Federations anthology, which is, at long last, available.

I MADE SPACE OPERA. ALSO WINE TASTING. Seriously, there's a ray gun. I'm ridiculously excited and proud of this story, which was terribly hard to write (more on that soon), with all my fantasy tools off limits. (Huge thanks go to khiron1416 and tiffania who helped me research it, and s00j , who helped me learn some vital software.)

Thing is, it's still pretty hard to get people to read short fiction, especially the kind that doesn't come free online, but in a paper book you have to buy. And I really want you to read this. So my brain hatched a Thing. A Thing that goes especially well with SF. It took me a long time to learn how to do what was in my head, and here it is.

This is Golubash, remixed. You have to listen to understand. It's a song, it's a mash-up, it's a reading, it's a trailer. The only word I've been able to come up with is ReadMix, and that's a bit lame. Please feel free to rename the Thing--because, if you guys like this, I will make one for every short story I publish.

But you have to tell me that you want me to, because it's not a short or simple process--though I'm sure it will get shorter and simpler as I go, and hopefully better. You know where the comments are--and if it sucks, feel free to tell me that too. One thing I learned on tour is that no matter how you think you can't get nervous anymore, when it's something you've never done, you will remember how to sweat bullets. *deep breath, squelched debilitating shyness*

This is hosted on archive.org, so feel free to pass it around as much as you like. vschanoes  and I once talked about how SFF needed a little more punk rock. Well.

Love, Love, LOVE!!! Yes, more please :) I think ReadMix is a perfect name.

And btw, I love short fiction. Some of my favorite books are dozens of small stories.

Edited at 2009-05-20 07:30 pm (UTC)

Spectacular but hard to hear your voice

I think your Thing is wonderful and your words, like your novels, do not disappoint. However understood the desire to "mash" it up may be, it was difficult to hear you without concentrating and without headphones on. Where the echoey layering may (or may not) work for the likes of Enya, it does not lend itself here, where I want to wade in the tides of your voice and understand fully the rich words you want to convey.

Otherwise, it was bliss.

This is unspeakably cool. It is a little hard to understand in places, but I actually think that might be ok, because it reinforces my desire to go read the story on paper and ferret out all the little bits I missed, and then listen to it again and put things together in a different way.

Yeah, not everything is supposed to be super clear.

I go out of my way to by short story anthologies.

Now I have another book to add to my "Read Me" list.


Very cool. I was already looking forward to Federations; this just makes me want it that much more.

And if you're taking requests, I'd love to see you do this with "Exsanguinations: A Handbook for the Educated Vampire." After all, By Blood We Live will be out in just a few short months.

*cough* and you wanted ideas for how to make your omikuji cooler?

This is lovely, and if you did a whole bunch, you could probably market them as albums, too, which could be kind of cool. But I also somewhat agree with the comment above about it being borderline over-processed. I'm not sure if this is the effect you're going for, though-- if the listener isn't trying to pick out every word of the story it comes across as part music and part half-heard conversation from which I think one gets the important bits. Someone who wants the whole thing is then presumably more likely to go buy the story.

Well, this is a first try. But it isn't supposed to be super crystal clear. Trancey.

I may try to do an omikuji one at some point. However, these are really time consuming, I couldn't do one every month.

I have two comments:

1. I really liked it! I thought it was a great idea and a wonderful way to advertise.

2. There were only two things I didn't like: The musical descending tones sometimes didn't mesh well with the reading; sometimes the echos made it impossible for me to make out what you were saying, but that may be the hearing impairment.

Having something like your Palimpsest trailer that was on youtube would be awesome too.

I publish a lot of short stories--it would be hard to do a video trailer for all of them. ;)

For every novel there will be though, no worries.

you did it, Chica.
this is the first step.
it gets easier every time.
i like how the celeste notes evoke drip drops of wine or dew.
it all works well, just in my little laptop speakers, though i think sometimes the celeste is out of time with the beat. i think you may have been bumping up against the program's limitations there, maybe.
i give it a solid 4 out of 5 for sure.

and now i'm dying to get you a decent microphone, especially if you decide to do more.

This is really nifty! I really want to read the story now. The words are a little hard to hear over the music.


Brilliant! I read the other comments, and I can say it does what it's supposed to...I heard enough to be entranced, intrigued, but not enough to keep me from wanting to read the tale on the page to savor every word!

I loved it! I also love short stories, because I don't always have the attention span or time needed for long novels. I like the satisfaction of finishing the story in one sitting. Thanks for the readmix.

This is really cool!

Also, Amy used to be an engineer for a recording studio and occasionally makes noises about how she'd like to get back to doing that, and we have good mics and some other equipment that pretty much never gets used because my brain is too broken to do music anymore. She's ridiculously busy with work lately, but I bet she'd be interested in working on something like this if you wanted to come over for a weekend sometime.

So, my sci-fi lovin' trance DJ boyfriend just recently got into wine.

This is like, freakishly coincidental.

Also, hypnotically stellar reading there, Cat. I liked the layering, personally. It reminds me of a conversation in my brain where threads come and go and lay on top of each other.

I would say, make as many of these as you want, and when you get a dozen, make a cd. I can totally see a midnight roadtrip to this, especially with the windows down and cold air streaming around my neck and face.

I am just kicking myself now for missing the Palimpsest tour. I tried to lie to myself about how cool what I didn't experience was, and that house of cards is falling down... now.

This seems important to say... of course, everything's important when you're as high on sleep deprivation as I am. Drug of choice for students these days, even the squeaky clean ones who are home schooled and go to college to take the courses their mothers can't teach them.
I can't get this damn Thing out of my head. Really. I think I've listened to it about six times, and that's with me resisting. I think I'm going to plop down $15 bucks at B&N tomorrow so I can read the damn story and get the damn Thing out. Hopefully, there can be only One, and the visual will shove audio out. Hopefully, I won't have the track on continuous loop while I read the story like some kind of sensualist Cat-addict.

*grin* That is totally awesome and full of Win :)