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Now It Can Be Told

So it's the day after my birthday and I'm standing in my Dad's office and talking to my brother about how OMGWHATEVER the ninja would just kill the Spartan in his sleep and it would be done. As is my wont as a member of my generation, I take out my phone to casually check my email.

I scream.

Then I burst into tears.

My brother is a bit alarmed, but he sees justbeast grinning.

I just stand there, my heart bursting. It was only a few weeks ago that I was moping around San Francisco, convinced a certain era of my life was over, barely able to enjoy the sea lions through the effort of not sobbing on the pier. (Am actually a really overly-emotional Cat. Tough like Buffy, not like ninja.) Only a few weeks ago that I Twittered the universe (the modern replacement for prayer) asking for some kind of good news to hold against all the bad. Only a few weeks ago I was performing on stage not knowing if I'd ever get to do it again. That's some seriously sobering shit.

And then I chilled out, not a little due to seanan_mcguire  giving me a pep talk and singing to me in her orange bedroom, and s00j  taking me to the spa with a bunch of beautiful women when I got back to Seattle, and stealthcello  being her amazing self. A lot of maine coon cuddling was involved. But I forgot about it all for awhile, and concentrated on turning 30. I spent the fifth of May cuddled by some of my favorite people, laughing and singing.

And the next morning, I got this email, and was crying again. At the most perfect possible moment, right as the magical mystery tour ended, on the first day of my thirties, having just returned from shopping for fabric for my wedding dress. We all jumped up and down and probably literally squeed for awhile, while Dad's employees tried to ignore the craziness going on in the front room. Makes you believe in the power of love, tribe, and slack.

Because, see, my little blue phone told me that my novel Deathless had sold to Tor. My beloved little one, a retelling of Marya Morevna and Koschei the Deathless set in the Stalinist era. (You wondered why I was all over Russian history all of the sudden?)

I live to fight another day, and this time with a hardcover to swing about! My life in publishing is not in fact dashed to pieces on a heap of lay offs and bad publicists. I have hardly been able to contain the news, I'm so excited, especially to get to work with 2muchexposition , which I have wanted to do forever. Yea verily, I have done the dance of joy.

So that pretty much makes it the best birthday ever.

So much work to do! To the CatCave! </dork>

Not really. My dork tag is perpetually open.

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