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Cloud and Ashes

nineweaving  has a new book coming out in the Moonwise universe. It is called Cloud and Ashes and it is shatteringly beautiful. I know because I got an ARC and blurbed it and I love it all to pieces.

She needs to launch her book in style, and for that needs a bit of help.

Some of you may know how much I admire her work, that Moonwise is on my Magic Mantle of Awesome, that I swoon over her words, that I consider her one of the mothers of mythpunk, though I'm not sure she'd like the name.

So if you've made shinies inspired by my books, do me one last favor and consider heading over to her journal and offering to make a Cloud artifact for her, to adorn her baby just now coming into the world (or, rather, on June 1st.) As it's in the same universe as Moonwise and contains Jack Daw's Pack and A Crowd of Bone, which are already published, you can read about the extant material for inspiration before the book comes out.

I think I shall make something as well. She's the GoH at Readercon, so you ought to also all come and see her there! She reads amazingly.

And of course pre-order the book!

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