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The thing that really struck me about the Cleveland show was how damn much I miss my friends.

Don't get me wrong. I love my island. I love Maine, I love the Atlantic and my new life. But seeing everyone together in one room almost brought me to tears, and there were not enough hugs to go around. Sitting in theferrett 's living room after the show and laughing with everyone I thought: this room right now is my happy place.

Happy Cat is happy. khiron1416  is huggable.

The show itself went wonderfully--Mac's Backs has supported us since the very beginning, and hosted our very first reading-concert back in the time known as the day. We completely crammed their space full of people--I joked that this was the Fire Hazard Tour, since we've been over capacity in every show east of the Mississippi. The songs went well--late arrivals meant not being able to do the light and sari tricks of the Boston show, so we had flourescents again, but s00j  rocked the place--especially Casimira, which stuns me every time she sings it, how much terror and passion she puts into a single song--and we sold a ton of books. hooks_and_books  brought me what I suspect is leftover Casimira's Flag yarn (the lovely shawl he made for the art auction).

Easily the coolest bit of the night was bec76 , zoethe , theferrett , and zodar  arriving with interlocking hennaed city pieces on their arms.

bec76  even wrote bits of fiction for each location. It has happened a few times, that lovers and poly families have come to the shows be-mapped, and that awes me and makes me so happy, to have written about these loves and lives that so many of us have and must keep secret, and have that very act become a way for them to mark themselves and show themselves--there is nothing more awesome and humbling.

Many people I didn't know were there, which is always a good sign. But the thing I kept noticing was how many people I loved were there, people I love and don't get to see every week anymore. I cna't even list them all. They didn't have to come, but they did, and I didn't get to see them enough this time. Cleveland is hardly paradise--some serious relationship drama going down back home kept it from being a totally stress-free homecoming. But it was home to me for so long, and I miss everyone. Terribly.

You know, it's no coincidence that I write about this city where people who cannot meet in the real world can touch.
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