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Notes From the Aboveground

Where I Am

Lava Hot Springs in Idaho. My first time in Idaho! Only four states left till I've seen all 50--Montana, the Dakotas, and Alabama. mishamish --the only way I can think of Alabama being a destination is with you as shaman-guide.

What I Am Doing

Having a day off...sort of. No shows or travel, just hot springs. And a short story that landed on my plate a few days back with an absurd deadline. But it is an honest to god steampunk story, which I am trying to make actually punk. It is a project I can't pass I wurkz.

What I Am Thinking

About writing, a lot. And posting. And such.

I was asked to write a poem today--which is of the yay. My poetry policy these days is: if you ask me for it, I will make it. But my time being as it is, I'm not really dreamily scribbling away in my garret stanzas of purple perpetuity, you know? So if you are an editor and want a poem from me--ask.

My former self would have found this a horrible state of affairs. Mercenary. Not True to the Muse. But it is where I am. I want to post a long thing about that, but I feel like I can't post anything till I catch up on show posts.

And yet I keep thinking I should write more Oracles poems, now that I've seen more of America. It makes me smile to see elisem's oracle prompt all over my flist after talking about this last night.

What's Coming Up

Our first Seattle show is at Soul Food Books on Thursday at 7pm. Please, please come! This is my first time home to Seattle in SEVEN YEARS. It might be another seven before I'm back. I want to see and meet you all!

We will also be doing a special stealth show at Gasworks Park on Saturday the 4th at 2 pm, followed by tea.

Our third show, which will be full of special awesome is Sunday April 05, 2009 — 8-10pm, hosted at The Annex by the Center for Sex Positive Culture. It will be a naughty show.

AND we're coming to Norwescon! We have a giant concert-reading-extravaganza on Friday the 10th from 3-5. But everyone will be there, so don't miss it, though it is at a slightly weird hour.

You guys have been asking me to come to Seattle for years--so I want to see faces!

What Else Is Coming Up

My 30th birthday, which is May 5th. I'm a freak about birthdays--several in my childhood were forgotten, so I'm always convinced no one will remember, or that they will remember, but just won't care. I recognize this is silly. But every year I'm convinced it will happen. Despite having some wonderful birthdays in my twenties--it's just the little girl in me who is convinced she belongs in the corner. Especially on this one, since it's a milestone birthday. Historically, I've spent milestone birthdays alone. This is the first year I'm having nothing to do with the planning of my birthday party. I literally have no idea what's going on beyond a date. So justbeast  is in charge. All I know is that the party is on May 9th in NYC--if you want to come and didn't get a Save the Date evite, let me know.

And not to be lame, but I always really appreciate cards--see above freak--and if you want to get me something, I have an Amazon wishlist, and also yarn/fiber-arts things. If you are an artisan of any kind, what I would most like is something you have made, your craft, your love. That is by far the best thing. Obviously I will give out my address if asked.

I don't have much angst about turning 30--I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish by that age. But I believe in marking important dates, in demarcating time, in ritual, and I'm trying not to wibble that no one will come or care or know. I r 30. Am srs adult nau.


I am running a poetry writers' workshop at Wiscon. There are very few people signed up. Please sign up so that they can do this--it's their first time trying to include poetry in the mix. I am a good teacher, and love to do it.

If 5 people sign up, I will bake cookies and bring one of my own terrible juvenalia poems for everyone to laugh at.

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