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ZOMG it's finally here!

Rock Love, who did gorgeous work for Repo! the Genetic Opera, loved my book and created a stunning necklace to go with it, hand-cast in sterling silver, a completely original design.

These necklaces are large and weighty and fabulous--and numbered on the back. I have #1. Besides being a beautiful piece of art, this is a wonderful way to start a conversation with me at a con, to mark yourself as one of the Palimpsest tribe. I hope, if these sell well, to do something with the numbers, some sort of lottery or game. But either way, they are amazing in and of themselves. And because she is a goddess, Rock Love is donating a substantial portion of each sale to benefit the tour and keep us on the road.

I am so thankful and honored, not only by this, but by everyone who has bent their gorgeous minds to my book.


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