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This is Your Post.

At least it is if any of the following is true:
  • I owe you work of any kind: fiction, non-fiction, feedback on a story, interview responses, whatever. If I committed to do something for you and have not gotten it back to you.
  • I have not returned your email of whatever sort.
  • I am supposed to attend your con and have not signed up for programming.
  • You were on the train trip and I have not added you as a friend yet.
  • You thought I was going to post about something but I haven't. (Except for Cleveland and Chicago shows, I know, I'm on it.)
  • You are waiting on me for anything.
The fact is, I have No Brain. I need Handling right now. I'm a Braurion--point my limbs and I go, but I got no volition at the moment. My soul-lag is intense, my heart still thinks I'm in New Orleans, and I have little cope or marrow to remember what I am Supposed To Have Done. Not to mention having been off the grid for several days. So please comment here and remind me of what I have fallen down on, because I'm sure it is a lot, and I can work a bit over the next few days.
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