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The City of New Orleans

Am way behind on show posts, but as soon as I have two hours to put together, Chicago and Cleveland were amazing. Instead, I snatch this rare moment of downtime as we wait for our dinner reservations...

We are here. In New Orleans. The city in America I have most wanted to see, for so long. The train was beautiful--though without observation car, due to cutbacks, and the people I have met in the last day are extraordinary. So much love in one little car. I had necklaces from inkygrrl, kythryne, s00j, and tzaddia all hung around my neck last night, like the best Mardi Gras beads in the world.

Most of the group has gone to a nearby restaurant--justbeast, passionandsoul, Beth and I have held out for a recommendation from theferrett and zoethe. I must have that duck cappuccino! (Watch: they will be out, or it'll be discontinued or something.) I am trying to conserve a bit of energy for tomorrow's show and sightseeing, though part of me wants to be down there yelling over a crowded table with everyone else. But. Duck cappuccino. Zo.

It is warm and smells like grass and flowers and our room has a four poster bed and a clawfoot tub. The owners are so kind and the other family staying here has already bought books and CDs and made plans to come to the show tomorrow. (If anyone is local and not already don't want to miss this.) I'm writing little longhand stories in a journal to give away to someone as a prize in a game being played tonight. I drank strawberry beer in a red polka dot dress in the courtyard.

I keep being boggled that this is my life. I want to mark myself somehow, and know I felt this way, when I was almost thirty and I loved a skinny white chick so much.

So I have decided I am getting something pierced tomorrow. My first thought was my other nipple, but I'm not really feeling that. So my nose it is. The question is: the side, which I have had pierced before and know it looks good, or the septum, which is bolder and more minotaur-y but might not look as good?

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