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I think Boston was our best show yet. We changed up the order of the songs a bit, and I think it makes everything just that much better. We did a four-way reading with an assist from folzgold, as justbeast was in Cleveland for this one. s00j was also phenomenal. I couldn't stop smiling, sitting next to her while she slaughtered Casimira and filled that room with her huge voice. We hugged while the audience clapped and it was amazing.

Boston and pandemonium_bks are one of our favorite places to perform. And now Boston is in my local sphere, all these awesome people! Pandemonium has supported us since the beginning, are warm and kind, make beautiful posters, and the audience that comes is full of energy and love. See?

I've decided to take audience pics from here on out--I'm so sorry I missed the Philly crowd! This is actually early--more came. We may have actually outgrown this space. And yes, they really are saying "Hello Livejournal." Also, it's like a find the hidden picture game--whose blurry face can you recognize?

We just could not have asked for better. And we sold out their stock! Yay! I'm so happy when we can do a good business for an independent bookstore. Also Dan Schmidt from Rock Band came. ZOMGFANGIRLMOMENT.

Many little moments made the night for me. blazepoet brought me these, made by his own hand:


These are made from a 1941 Encyclopedia of Useful Things, a map of Peaks Island (!) and one of my favorite novels, Pattern Recognition. In a totally beautiful bonsai-like presentation. It's like the apotheosis of duct tape roses! And possibly the best roses a showgirl ever got. And this makes the second time someone has brought a map to my show. I love odd, quite things like that, it feels like passing state secrets.

kythryne slayed me. Dead. I didn't even know what to say, because I almost started crying right there. When I tried to tell justbeast what she did, I did start crying. She made me a pendant--she didn't have to, I would have loved her anyway, loved her being there. But she made me a pendant, put it in a purple box, and pressed it into my hand, saying "This is your Introvert Charm, for your tour." I don't think I effectively communicated via face-crumple what that meant to me in that moment. I have been having such a hard time keeping myself balanced, keeping show Cat and home Cat in one skin, dealing with the social rumples that inevitably come up. To have someone understand that and give me something so beautiful to help me through--lo, I was pierced to the quick. Kindness can sometimes just totally blindside me. I've been wearing it ever since--it even has a tiny movable part I can fiddle nervously with!

Thank you, Kyth and Blaze. I really have no words. And blazepoet , yakavenger , and notadoor for bringing s00j and I stuffed naan so we didn't die of only eating ice cream before the show. (s00j took me to Toscanini's and I had saffron ice cream and it was awesome and I still have fangirl moments of OMG I'M EATING ICE CREAM WITH SJ TUCKER *FLAIL*).

I stayed at parrish_relics 's house. There are two things to know about this. One is that parrish_relics is a Top Shelf Human. She is fun and smart and talented and peaceful to be around and totally beautiful and yes I have a small crush. She made me feel so at home. And has awesome cats. And we sat with superfin and Actual Finn (a dog) and watched Burn Notice and I knit and she didn't think I was boring because I wanted to knit and watch TV. It is seriously like hanging out with a buddha. A hot one. And she gave me pomegranate juice and a corn muffin.

The second thing is that her house is so awesome I have no words. It is exactly the kind of house I would choose for myself if I could. If I could clone it and teleport it to Peaks Island, I would. If you know her jewelry, well, imagine a house that looks like that. Below the cut is a picture of the attic room I stayed in. I felt like Sara from A Little Princess when her garret is transformed. I am not a princessy girl. But it was all I could do not to bounce on the bed and yell I'M A PRINCESS!!! The best part? The room was covered with Parrish Relics shinies. I could have died. It's a good thing I'm broke. I felt like the guy in those old Best Buy commercials who cackles and runs off into the store. Seriously, can I be Jen Parrish when I grow up? (Ok, she's not that much older than me, but still.)

The rest of her house is easily as gorgeous. And it's PURPLE on the outside.

I kept looking around and going: I could write such novels in this house...


So all in all it was a great trip and show. Our next stop is Monday night in Cleveland at Mac's Backs at 8pm. Then Chicago at the Life Forces Art Center on Wednesday. I'm tired, but excited, and will be less stressed once we're packed up and snuggled in at our close friends' new place in Brooklyn tonight/tomorrow morning.
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