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Or Bust

I think most of you know how bad I feel when I say this: I just don't think I can afford to come to Wiscon this year.

In terms of money and energy, I just don't think it's in the cards for me. It's right after the tour ends--I'll barely have been home for a week. It's no longer close to us, a drive from Ohio, but a cross-country flight. Wiscon is my home con, and I love it. Missing it hurts. I'll be back next year.

I'm not the only one who has trouble affording Wiscon, one of the few extremely POC and feminist friendly conventions. I've stayed out of RaceFail for a lot of reasons, mainly because I just am not sure it's my place to speak on issues that should be dominated by actual POC. But I certainly would like to get behind one of the positive things that has come out of it.

con_or_bust  is raising money to help POC get to Wiscon. I'll be donating a signed copy of Palimpsest (and anything else that you guys would bid on--leave requests in the comments). Head over there, check out the auctions, put up your own stuff. It's important that diverse faces appear at conventions--the only times some of us see each other in person at all.

verb_noire  is also an awesome project, a press promoting POC authors and books/stories featuring positive POC characters. I have mixed feelings about submitting my own work to them as a white woman, though it remains important to me to include POC, GLBT, and female characters in all my books. However, I will definitely be buying their books and supporting them any way I can.

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