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Philadelphia (Many Photos)

Philly was pretty damn amazing. It's one of those things where you flail about and say: shellefly 's maps! kylecassidy! Ethiopian food! yagathai! So many people! Michael Swanwick! And then you're done because it all went by so fast and there's no way to sum it up.

But first I want to share two pictures from the New York show that I didn't get off my phone in time.

Under the cut, find exhibit A: the entire show, in a cart, on the ferry. Because we do not keep the car on the island, we had to carry it all before us, behind us, and on our backs. Fear us and our might pack-beast skills. Also find passionandsoul 's shirt, which I CANNOT DEAL WITH, and must own for myself, somehow. Those who have read Palimpsest already will get it.


Ok! Back to Philadelphia. I spoke at the local library, and yagathai  and justbeast  came along for diner breakfast and industry talk--I find, the more time goes by, the more I like shellefly writing to me in Japan to tell me her cool geeky bookstore might carry my first novel--and there we all were, after all this time. So much happier, both of us, and together in that selfsame store. Greg and Jeanne were amazing, and they really turned out a huge crowd, made us a beautiful space, and we felt deeply welcome. It's also a kickass store.

And I got to meet firebirdgrrl! And befers! And saansaansaan came again! And shveta_thakrar! And shellefly and roughhouser came with the most gorgeous maps inked on them which interlocked when they embraced. DAMN. I felt so surrounded by tribe and happy and people really seemed to respond to the book. Yay for signing lines! I always expect to sit down to sign and have no one show up. This is an expectation formed of my first signing, when I sat between John Scalzi and matociquala, and, well. I was a wee snail between big bright birds. But people wanted me to sign things! And brought me presents, which happens sometimes and I never know what to say but the little girl in me just squeals. firebirdgrrl brought me earrings and old flight maps (!), and I could not bear the awesome. She and befers also brought me yarn, which I'll get to in a bit. Yay! The blanket begins to form!

And...Michael Swanwick came. The guy who wrote The Iron Dragon's Daughter. Yeah. I am glad to say I made a TOTAL fool of myself while trying to tell him how much I loved his book--you guys think I'm overly critical, but when I love something I go full fangirl. I have also embarrassed myself in front of crowleycrow. Twice. Oh, yeah. Smooth, that's me.

We went back to kylecassidy 's place--the closest thing I know to a real modern salon, where awesome people come as if drawn by magnet. (Kyle is working on a book about SFF writers and their writing spaces, which is like straight up porn to me.) I got to sit and talk to Swanwick and my old friends and my new friends, and I felt that my world was on the right timeline, the right track, even if that track included pizza with ketchup on it. Kyle takes the most amazing pictures almost casually, like it's nothing, and he caught the following sequence of me telling some kind of jokey story. These crack me up. Swanwick looks slightly less impressed, being a Gruff Genius SF Writer. But if you haven't met me or gotten to hang out with me, I present this to you as an excellent flipbook of How Cat Talks:

In repose.

Captain: What you say!!

No, you don't understand! I was COVERED IN BEES!

TA DA! The End.

And here we all are, deep in the evening:

It was a wonderful night. Unfortunately, we had to get up at 9 for a photo shoot, which of course means we started making pictures at 11. Many amazing shots were taken, a few of which are under the cut. The clever reader will note we are out in the snow in Philadelphia in corsets. It was freezing, and I got to lay on the ground. Gangstas suffa for their art. I have been so lucky that seriously talented people like midnightstation and kylecassidy have wanted to take my picture lately--I'm working on being relaxed in front of the camera and being aware of my expressions, a skill I've not had to work on since I acted, a million years ago. 

My fairy muse!

Palimpsest Immigration Authority. Line queues to the left.

Devious and Dubious
(Incidentally, I think you can see the exact moment I got sick in this picture. I have a cold now. hopefully will still have voice on Saturday.)

And then we drove home, missing everyone. A snowstorm kept us in Boston overnight, where adelynne and mtolan plied us with pie, brisket, pesto pasta, chai, and old Real Sex episodes. A more perfect sudden unscheduled visit I cannot imagine.

In the car I began the Giant Blanket of Knitting Doom (a new title really should present itself). I began with the beautiful dark red baby alpaca rosefox gave me, using a rib stitch because I really like how that looks. Then I moved on to the turquoise fun fur nightrainbow  gave me at the NYC show (I'm trying really hard to remember what yarn belongs to what person. Names and usernames in the ziplocs are a must!) Fun fur is not actually much fun to work with when you only have size 8 needles. Luckily, my set of big and little bamboo needles came, but I'll finish up this square with the small ones, nonetheless. My rules are I can only knit with this stuff in a moving car, not at home or on the ferry, and I'll post pics all along the way, so everyone can see their yarn ravel up. I really like how I can often see a person's personality in the yarn they bring to give me. It makes me feel like they're riding in the car.

Rose's rose-colored yarn.

Ali's crazy fur.

And that was Philadelphia. We're playing in Boston at Pandemonium Books on Saturday the 7th at 7pm--I can't wait to see you all!

This whole tour is a crazy, beautiful thing, touching all these corners of my magical, glorious world, with such people in it! This strange city made up of folk who rarely meet in the waking world. I marvel.
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