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On the Eve of Palimpsest

Having been linked to this beautiful idea, I wanted to do something similar while traveling across the country, to encode the experience of our little circus, our tribe, into knitting, since there is so much driving time between shows in which to knit. I wanted to have something I worked on the whole way, that I could hold in my hands and remember the experience for years to come.

Well, the members of the newborn scarletstring had a fabulous idea, and it is this.

Those of you who come to the shows, starting in New York on Wednesday and ending in Los Angeles at the end of April, those of you who are knitters and fiber artists: bring me your partial skeins and leftovers. Don't buy me anything special, I don't want you to spend any money. Just bring me your remnants. I'll use these to make a patchwork blanket as we travel across America, changing colors and stitches as we pass into different regions and cities. Bring anything, sparkly fun fur to plain cotton or wool (acrylic hurts my hands, so my only request is: if at all possible, bring natural fibers).

When it's done, I'll work beads into the squares and sew them all together into a huge blanket, the blanket of my tribe, and this strange, wonderful year. All the yarn will be memories of you, things touched by both your hands and mine. And of course I'll post pictures of the whole process, from raw yarn to finished blanket.

After all, it's you who keeps me warm in the dark nights of the soul.

EDIT: Be sure to stick in a note or write your name and location on the plastic bag you put the yarn in, so I can tell who belongs to what when I open packages on the road!

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