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Allow me a small squee. Ok, a big one. I have been waiting and hoping and emailing back and forth it came to pass and I can't even believe this man read my book, let alone liked it.

The Museum at Purgatory
is on my shelf/mantle of Books that Made My Brain. If you haven't read it, you need to STOP. Hammertime. Drop everything and do so now.

That's how much l love this writer. Thus, the following is beyond special. (There are only a couple of books on that brain-shelf of which I have a hope getting a blurb/any contact at all from the author without a Oujia Board, and I don't think John Crowley, Neal Stephenson, Greer Gilman, Salman Rushdie, Mark Helprin, Umberto Eco, or Milorad Pavic is going to be reading my books any time soon. Only one other mantle-resident has actually been so kind as to correspond with me, that being Diane Wakoski, of the brilliant book Medea: The Sorceress.)

But! It happened! This writer I adore. And who lives on an island on the other side of the continent, thus necessitating small mailboats on each end. Just sometimes, when you are brave enough to ask, you can get extraordinary things.

"It's never enough to merely read a book like the Palimpsest, it has to be imbibed, and its sensuality fully savoured."

--Nick Bantock
Author of the Griffin and Sabine Trilogy and The Museum at Purgatory.

*runs off screaming into the snow*

Also if Warren Ellis AND Nick Bantock liked it, you KNOW it's a weird book, and one you might have to own. Just saying.

(I actually found myself proving the usefulness of blurbs the other night, while looking at a book that seemed a bit lame. But I shrugged and said: Well, if Kenzaburo Oe liked it, it can't be all bad. And I picked it up. The system, occasionally, works.)
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