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The Hugo nominations are open, and while I usually hate vote-begging, I'm going to engage in it now because it doesn't really pay to be above anything these days. Plus short stories can be hard to find.

I didn't have a novel out last year but I did have several short stories. Links are below--if you are eligible to vote, please do consider these. These are the ones available online; The Harpooner at the Bottom of the World and The City of Blind Delight are in print anthologies and magazines--which is a pity because I ADORE Harpooner, which was in Bantam Spectra and therefore mostly unfindable unless you can find the mystical place to buy that magazine.

Noms have to be in by 2/28. Click here to nominate if you attended Worldcon in the last two years.

A Buyer's Guide to Maps of Antarctica


The Proslogium of the Great Lakes
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