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We've started a community to help track our wedding organization.


Please join if you have anything to do with the wedding (attending--I know we haven't sent out invites yet, but if you're our IRL friend, assume you're getting one, doing something for us) or even if you don't and you like planning, because I hate planning and turn into a wibbling pile just thinking about this. Without zoethe  and katspaw156 , we wouldn't even be this far along.

I really want this to be a tribal experience--so come be part of our tribe.

There's a post about the current state of planning--please give us your feedback, because I have no idea what I'm doing.

As for the date issue: we aren't willing to wait a year. If you are invited and also planning to go to World Fantasy, I humbly ask you to consider that this is a once in a lifetime thing, and WFC is every year. We completely understand if you can't make it, but we hope you will.

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