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Save Our Sooj!


A community to raise money to pay S.J. Tucker's rising medical bills. I've posted an item for auction there--a main character named after the highest bidder in my next novel. I will probably never do such a thing again, as I choose names for my characters incredibly carefully. But there's nothing I wouldn't do for s00j , and I hope this brings in some money for her. If there's anything else y'all would like to see up there for purchase, feel free to suggest them--I want to be able to put up anything I can for this woman who has brought so much goodness and wonder into my life. I might have another Palimpsest ARC floating around.

Check it out--there are lots of cool things for sale, including Sooj albums and all manner of things.

Speaking of auctions, I need the helpvera  auction winners to email me their addresses so I can send out their prizes! They're ready to go, I just need your info!

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