Living for the Revel (catvalente) wrote,
Living for the Revel

Uninsured and in Dire Straits

Some of you know s00j  has been sick. It's looking like appendicitis now, but since she travels the country full time singing for all of us, she has no insurance, and the bills are rising. I know this is a tight time for all of us, but...well, I'll let omnisti  say it:

Dear friends,

I know that some of you have already heard about SJ's recent emergency and hospital stay. It looks likely that it may actually be appendicitis, although the doctors want to confirm this with another CT scan before they do any surgery.

We -do- know that the hospital bills are going to be significant, since this first trip to the hospital involved two emergency rooms, four doctors, a 45 minute ambulance transfer between the two hospitals, a CT scan AND an X-ray, multiple IV antibiotics, nearly daily bloodwork tests, and five and a half nights in the hospital.

Another CT scan and an ultrasound are scheduled after the next batch of test results come back, and if it turns out to be appendicitis, they'll have to do surgery. If it -isn't- appendicitis, then something else will have to be done to keep all of this from happening all over again, but we don't know what.

In short: we're looking at medical bills that could go as high as twenty-five or thirty THOUSAND dollars by the time this is through.

Have I mentioned that we do not yet have medical insurance?

The biggest reasons that Sooj and I can afford to tour around the country to perform for all of you wonderful folks is that we have been healthy and unhindered by debt. We don't want that to change, so we're turning to you for help.

Please help us raise money to pay for these medical bills. Buy CDs. Spread the word. Share links and diggs and do all that interweb magic. What we need is 1000 people with $25. Do you have $25? Do you know someone who does? If you can't give us money, please tell people who might.

Of course, we want you to get something for your money! Even if you already have every album, you could buy CDs as late holiday gifts for your family and friends. Help us, and make people happy at the same time!

In this spirit, we're offering a "Give a Healthy Dose of Sooj" sale. All current SJ Tucker CDs are $10 each (that's our wholesale price). Find more info on the CDs here:

We're also offering digital downloads through an amazing new service called

You can download individual tracks and whole albums, and help spread the word by embedding albums or songs in your blogs, facebook posts, and myspace pages!

Now is the time to complete your collection of SJ Tucker's albums. Now is the time to introduce your friends and family members to SJ's music. Please go and buy CDs.

Alternatively, you can sponsor SJ's health directly, and become a Skinny White Chick Sponsor for either a simple donation or a $10 monthly subscription. Money collected through these vectors will be used to cover our medical bills first, and will then be used to set up a decent health insurance policy. Find more info at

As a special bonus to subscribers and big sponsors, I will begin to periodically upload live SJ Tucker show podcasts to the new forums at , providing our generous donors with recordings of live shows that Sooj has done over the last couple years. These podcasts will be a mix of past and present shows, ranging as far back as 2005.

Anyone can join the forums to discuss shows and projects, but only sponsors will be able to download the podcasts. This is a forum setup I have been working on for about a year, and it was just about ready to launch in the middle of December.

So, $10 monthly subscriptions as Skinny White Chick Sponsors allows full access to the weekly podcasts as downloads for the duration of your subscription. A $100 or higher donation as a Skinny White Chick Sponsor will count as an annual membership. For donations of $1,000 or more, we will discuss something special to thank you appropriately for your generosity.

Please, take advantage of our wholesale CD prices, give albums to your friends and relatives, become a sponsor, use the sharing tools at, and tell people about the music and our fundraising needs. We need your help spreading the word, even if you can't afford to give financially.

Thank you very much for your time and attention and your generous support.

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