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Snow and Sick

I am sick. All the snow and walking in the cold caught up to me. (The secret of my trips to NYC are that I regularly walk myself into blood blisters on the bottom of my feet in order to see everyone.) I hope I'm better by Christmas.

The snow is hilariously high and I think we're due to get more. Guys, this is Main Street. (Well, Island Ave, but you get the idea.)

Dogs are decent snow-shovelers. They come in with snow all over their faces and frozen fur. But insist on going out again moments later.

I get to brave the outside world to go get our Christmas beast today: duck. Not sure what I'm going to do with it. But justbeast loved Thanksgiving so much I suspect many repeat performances. Christmas is important to me, likely because mine were fraught with drama as the child of divorced parents. So I want things to be beautiful and happy and homey and fun as they rarely were when I was a child. Somehow, though, it doesn't really feel Christmasy this year. Maybe it's the economy, or the fact that we live on an island and away from all commercial announcements of holiday, or that I've been so busy and stressed. But I've heard other people say it too.

I'm trying to get there before Wednesday.

And our tree is up, bargain-bin plastic though it may be, with lights and a red bird on top that you can't see. I wrapped my presents for justbeast --must also get to the Post Office today for other people's gifts! Hrm. With ferries, it may be tomorrow. (Auciton winners, I'm putting together your packages now!) Ferries, fairies. Someone has to get me across the water. Also I have about a million pieces of jewelry to make.

Now I crawl into real person clothes. I'm currently wearing velour pants and this shirt. Not good for going into town on a 3-foot snow day.
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